25 Things About Nubia

DISCLAIMER:   This isn't my original post.  I accidentally deleted the first one.  I will do what I can to try to remember the whole thing, but sadly, I won't remember all of them.  So some may be new.  Going forward, I may type and save my posts in Word in case this happens again.  *sad panda*

I fellow blogger, Monick, posted a blog entitled 25 Things About Me.  Since I'm feeling particularly uninspired this morning and I love lists, I'm going to do the same in hopes that any new followers get a better understanding of the type of person that I am.  Plus, I love to talk about my self.  Ü  {I mean, who doesn't?!}

1. I am freakishly close to my mom.  I'm not even the middle child.  She's just awesome.  {I love you, mommy dearest!}

2. I hate planes.  They scare the crap out of me.  If I'm not asleep before we pull out of the gate, I'm a hysterical mess!!

3. I have 4 nephews and one niece.  Two nephews and my niece are Michael's family and one nephew is my step-brother's kid, so those are all by marriage.  It's still a really foreign concept I haven't grasped yet.

4. I look up to my little sister.  She is brave and courageous.  Even a little bit naive.  I think it's her naivete that I love the most.

5. I am in awe of my big brother.  He just finished his first year of law school and is interning in D.C.  He's strong and persistent.  I have so much to learn from my siblings.

6.  I have one older brother, one younger sister, one younger half-brother, and two older step-brothers.  I'm not very close to my half-brother or one of my step-brothers, but I will always have room for them in my life if they would like to be in it.

7. I think traveling by trains is amazing and fun.  I'm not too thrilled about being in small spaces, but I *loved* traveling Italy by train!!  It's so picturesque.

8. I think Disney movies are fantastic.  I love them in a "I want to be a princess" kind of way.  I love Disney World!!  It's such a *magical* place.

9. My first and middle names are from both of my grandmothers.  And I love it!  Growing up I hated my first name because you can rhyme lots of very interesting things with it.  Now, I realize that it's unique and beautiful.  I was very hesitant to change my last name to my married name.  It just flowed so well before!!

10. I met my husband at a church dance that I never intended on going to.  Funny how that happens!

11. I want to learn to speak Italian and Spanish, fluently.  I took Spanish in high school and don't remember much of it.  I learning enough Italian to get me by while in Italy.  I want to broaden my language horizons!

12. I love to write about anything that comes to mind.  Sometimes I feel that people don't care to read what I have to say.  I'm actually okay with that.

13. I have a hidden artistic talent.  Well, not so hidden since I found it as an Art student a few years ago.  Unfortunately it just became very stressful for me and I switched majors.

14. I grew up as an Army brat until  I was 11.  In that time I lived in Pennsylvania, Texas, Germany, and Kansas.  I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything.

15. I love hanging out with my family.  Not even trying to be sarcastic.  They're just fun and all around good company.  Even just sitting around watching TV we have a good time!

16. I tend to form very close bonds to people which makes it hard to let go of.  This can be a good thing, but it also sucks when you know you have to cut that connection.

17. I crack my knuckles.  Not even exaggerating...all. the. time.  I have probable cracked them three or four times since starting this.  I think it's a subconscious thing whenever I'm bored or when I'm trying to find inspiration.

18. I refuse to buy something that I know I can make.  Call me cheap if you will.  I call it frugal and crafty.

19. I love to start projects.  I just always have a problem with finishing them.

20. I love to read, but I don't get to do that much.  I have bought so many books that still sit on my shelf, unread.  I have started several and not finished.  Hopefully after I graduate I'll be able to hunker down and finish them up!

21. I was iPhone's biggest hater two years ago.  I found the idea of touching a screen and then putting it up to your face disgusting.  {I actually still think that!}  Last spring, I switched to the iPhone and I am probably their biggest fan.  It's so convenient!  I'm pretty sure I would die if I ever lost my phone.

22. I only have a very, very small handful of good friends.  I have a lot of acquaintances and people I'd hang out with, but there only a few people out there that really know me.

23. My family and I planned and executed a wedding in three months...on our own.  A lot of people said it couldn't be done.  They don't know my family.

24. I love to travel.  I love to just drive.  It's surreal and exciting.

25. Last year I paid of my car early and bought a house.  I'm pretty proud of that last part.  I'm only 26 {for one more day!}.
Pompeii, Italy. 4 July 2010.


  1. Trains and crafting are fun.

  2. I can definitely relate to cracking my knuckles all. the. time, and have done it since I was a small child. In fact, I cracked my knuckles the entire time I read this post! I wouldn't lie. :)

    My granny always said that I was going to ruin my hands, and that my knuckles and fingers would be fat and unattractive when I got old. Well, more than 30 years on I have freakishly small hands; my ring size is barely 4 1/2.

    And I am known to write (and say) whatever is on my mind at any time. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it's bad. But I cannot tolerate keeping anything bottled up once the thought crosses my mind.

    1. I remember people telling me that all the time! My knuckles are fine. I just have naturally pudgy fingers. My mom reminds me all the time! Ü Thanks for reading!!

  3. Love it. Congrats on the fiscal responsibility (paid off car & homeowner)! And happy almost birthday.

    I'm a big-knuckle cracker too and I'm so pleased I could have inspired this great post!


    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for reading! Ü

  4. Happy Birthday and thanks for a great post...although just a tip - You might want to watch the movie "Mommie Dearest" before you use that term for you mom whom you obviously love very much...LOL

    1. Thanks for reading! Funny that you mention "Mommie Dearest." We have both seen it. It's kind of our thing. I say "I love you, mommy dearest" and she says in a shrill voice, "A wire clothes hanger?!" We're weird. Haha! I even have a recordable greeting card of my mom saying it. But just so you don't worry, she never beat me with a wire clothes hanger. Ü

  5. Congrats on the new digs! I was very close to my mama as well. Still miss her.


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