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When a Problem Comes Along…

...who else finished that with, “You must whip it?” Yeah, it’s hard not to. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a way to add “Valor” to that. Because that’s my go-to for problems…in the office. Recently I’ve felt a load of frustrations that have left me wanting to scream like a toddler in a Walmart. Am I the only one? Probably not. Personalities clash, deadlines come up, and people don’t often know how to voice their concerns with respect; leaving angry, frustrated people ready to explode. This has happened to me on more than one occasion in the last few months.

So, what helped? I diffuse Stress Away on a daily basis. I wear it often in the office as well. But on these particular occasions, when tensions are so high I am ready to snap (break down and cry is more like it), I have reached for Valor. This beautiful little purple bottle has become my miracle. Valor is most often referred to as the blend for confidence and courage, but it can do oh-so-much-more, my friends…

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