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Struggling For My Faith Through Infertility

My journey to find peace and joy through Christ did not come easy.It was filled with many moments of anger and bitterness through infertility.I was often so angry with Heavenly Father because I thought I had been doing things the “right” way.After years of inactivity, I came back to church – my heart broken and my spirit contrite.I knew what I wanted in life and I had a new desire to strive for an eternal family.I wanted nothing more than to bring heavenly children into the world.I met my husband and very quickly we realized we both wanted the same things and we wanted them together.And so we began dating and within a year we were married in the temple.I felt like I was finally on the right path to eternal happiness.
We decided we would wait one year to even begin starting our family.We were very adamant about this decision because we wanted more time to get to know each other.We knew once kids were in the picture we would have a very different life.We enjoyed our first year together a…

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