Good Times Gonna Come

It’s been awhile. Life lately? Life has been pretty good. Life is also going to change within the next year as well, but I can’t really talk about that yet. I’ve stuck to a good bit of my “New Year’s Goals” for the most part. So let’s recap the first quarter…


I believe I am actually fairing well in this area. Credit cards have been cut up and I’ve put a payment schedule in place to have my cards paid off by January of next year. I really wish I did this at the beginning of the year instead of this month! But it will be done. I’m putting about $320 each month towards them and should have them paid off around the end of the year. Money will be a little tight, but I did leave some room for luxury items.

I’ve also started putting 5% of each paycheck into my savings account. I’d like the ability to not be able to take out of my savings, but anything that I have taken out, I have been putting back in. I’m trying to save and not spend so much! My monthly budget including bills decreased by about $250 just by knocking off unnecessary expenses. I’m getting a little better. Hey, it’s not easy!!


Work no longer rules my life. Yes, I do still work late some days (late being 5-5:30), but I do enjoy getting off work at noon on Fridays and a little bit of overtime in the process. I’m trying to be more aware of what I am doing/saying in regards to life away from work. I think I’ve been pretty good here.

I’ve been spending more time with the family lately, especially since I bought Rock Band! It’s a blast even with parents!! Going out with friends is still here and there, but everyone’s busy with school and work so I try not to push the subject. We do still gather around every now and then and it’s always a blast!!


I think I’ve gotten closer to my family as stated above. Things with my father haven’t gotten any better, but I don’t expect them to and I’m finally in a place where I don’t let him bother me. Sad as it may be, he’s the equivalent of a stranger on a sidewalk. Keith has been dad lately.


The first two months were rough. Not with Marcus stuff, but stupid boy stuff. Yet again, I got wrapped up in a frivolous relationship and I KNEW better. That was the worst part. I let someone in that I knew I shouldn’t have. But that’s over and I have detached him from life. I’ve also done some emotional spring cleaning. I finally went through those boxes under the bed with past relationship stuff. It was hard to throw it away. I don’t want that relationship to get buried in the past, but I can’t hold on to things that no longer need to have a place in my life.

I’m currently not in a relationship and I’m fine with that. There is someone on my mind, but he’s a very dear friend and I don’t want to take the chance of ruining it or making it awkward. Plus, I need to get settled on my feet still. It’s not an easy feat for me. I get swept up in all that romance and bullshit quite easily.

One new event that has occurred lately is that I’ve started seeing a therapist. Yeah, I know…quack. But I’m glad I made the decision. I want to get my emotional issues in check and talking it out with someone that is unbiased. Only two sessions so far and it’s going fairly well. We’ll see with time.

So, my plan of being financially, emotionally, and mentally stable is slowly working it’s way through. I told Mom I want to have my cards paid off by the end of the year and want to be able to move out into my own place by the next year. She was a little shocked to hear that. I don’t think she really wants to see me move. =P Changes are being made. For the good. More opportunities are on the horizon and school is doing well. So far this year, things have been great. And they’re looking up. Raise/review time just came around and I’m pretty satisfied. Good times are gonna’ come.


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