All At Once

So much for my writing everyday.  Ah least I'm still trucking.

The last two weeks have been madness.  After my awesome weekend in Augusta, it's only natural that I'm met with hell when I get to work on Tuesday.  From there it was down hill.  Getting ready for inventory is never fun, but being thrown into it at last minute is like walking along hot irons on your face.  Wednesday I exploded a bit due to high tensions and lack of sleep.  By explode I mean cry like a baby.  True story.  But I felt much better after letting it out.  That's apparently all it takes for me.

This weekend was alright, but I still didn't want to go back to work on Monday.  Getting out of bed was difficult!  I'm just anxiously awaiting my trip.  I still need to solidify work stuff with Kevin.  Waiting to do that when all of this inventory crap blows over.

Filed my taxes on Wednesday.  Sent in my state on Friday.  Received my financial aid refund on Friday.  Every thing is going into the savings account.  Italy.  Here I come!

As always, I must end with the button.


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