Eight Days A Week

This weekend I learned...
...everything is MUCH more fun when kids are involved.
...every robot needs a name.
...frog leaps are fun at ANY age.
...it doesn't matter if it's called a wallaby, it's still a giant rat.
...blood doesn't make family. Being called Auntie Nubs does.

I spent an incredible weekend with the adopted family this weekend. When I say incredible, times that by about a zillion. I had so much fun and came home exhausted. I did not want to leave! I really needed eight days last week. Spending time with little Abby and Ethan made me really want full-time kids. Hahaha! Some day, my chance will come.

Spent time with the father and his family Saturday and to my surprise, the feeling was very different. Maybe changes are gonna' come.

I received an email from the Study Abroad program director. I'm receiving (along with others) a $750 scholarship just for being a KSU student. I also have the chance at a $500 STARS scholarship. Wish me luck.

Fund are slowly coming together, but you can always donate. :)


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