Getting ready for Italy is under way!! 

Cost of Italy Study Abroad:                   $5150.00
Registration Fee:                                 -$300.00
Global Student Scholarship:                   -$750.00
Current Cost:                                       $4100.00

I have applied for UMPTEEN scholarships/grants and it seems like you have to be a one-legged bearded tap-dancing lady to be able to qualify for these damn things.  I keep hearing about how there's all this money out there for scholarships and study abroad, but I don't see it flowing anywhere!  Help a sista out!  Geesh...I've got enough to cover the cost of the trip, but I still need to work up extra cash while there AND money that will be needed to pay bills while I'm gone.  Yeah, because that still needs to get done.

The cost of the euro is ever so slowly decreasing.  I've been keeping track of it every day to try to get my money's worth!  I still need to figure out what I'm going to do with my cell phone - take it or leave it - and if I'm able to use my bank card as a Visa while I'm there - bank questions.  Wow, there is a lot that is going into this!!  I've been a slacker and STILL haven't gone to do my passport.  My personal deadline is Friday.  I should have it done by then.  If not, I should be kicked.

I'm getting pretty damn psyched!  Not that I wasn't before.  Every time I think about it, I get all giggly!  YAY!!  Any additional monetary help will be GREATLY appreciated!!  AND it may get you a nifty little trinket from ITALY!  Ciao!


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