Day 4: Yoga X

Wow. I've always known that yoga is tough but damn! I endured 40 minutes of yoga and I couldn't do anymore. I'm all stretched out and sweating like a dog. The good news is, my legs feel a bit better, but I have a feeling that will change during the day - when I'm sitting on my butt at work. I could do almost all of the poses, but as we kept moving into anything that held a long stretch on my right ankle, it became more difficult. Stupid Achilles heel. I call it my "marching band injury." I can sustain too much of a stretch on it and jumping jacks or jump squats or anything involving bouncing on the balls of feet feel like knives. According to a physical therapist I was going to, surgery was really my only corrective option, but they didn't want to do that. Ah well, tough it up, I guess.

In other news - I'm planning on getting my passport today. I know, I said I would do it forever ago and then forever ago before that. I just keep getting busy and forgetting. But it will finally be done! Yay!


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