Day 6: Kenpo X

Kenpo X is pretty much my old kickboxing class on crack. It was fast paced and my legs hurt more now than they did the next day after Plyometrics. But this time, it's every freaking muscle in my leg! Front kicks, back kicks, side kicks, horse straddle...all of it makes them hurt. Hahaha...I'm being such a wuss.

I'm glad I set two alarms. My sleepy mind turned off my first alarm this morning, but I guess it forget that there are two. The next one went off at 4 AM - very loud, very annoying. I fought so hard to stay in bed, but I guess my inner motivation for a hot bod fought harder. I rolled out of bed and got ready to work out. I was able to make it through most of the workout. I took a few extra breaks - wiped the sweat from my eyes - and jumped back in. It felt good. I dunno, maybe Steven's right. Maybe I am psycho. Ü


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