Day 8: Shoulders and Back

I took a bit of a sabbatical from working out last week which will probably kill me again this week. Started this morning pretty strong, in my opinion. I maxed out on everything I did. Except decline push-ups. Those are KILLER! I did 3. One day...I could definitely feel it in my back doing the "pull-ups" with the resistance band. I'm really trying to push myself to do things stronger and harder. It's not easy when it's 4 am and you just want to be in bed.

I'm down to 88 days before leaving for Italy. I'm SUPER psyched. I should be finishing up with the work outs just before that, BUT I do plan on doing them while I'm there. We'll see how that works. Holly and I are planning on hiking Kennesaw Mountain every Saturday. Apparently our host city in Italy is on a hill. Yay...hill. Meh, I can do it!


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