Day 9: Plyometrics - Round 2

Plyo - 1.5. Nubia - .5

This morning's work out wasn't NEARLY as bad as the first round of Plyo. It was deathly trying to get out of bed, though! I was able to make it through most of the exercises, with modifications - of course. After about 15 minutes there was no WAY I was able to jump and pull my knees into my chest. So I was all about the little jumps. By the way, despite what Tony Horton may say - Mary Katherines are not your friend!

I actually like some of the Plyo work outs. The Heisman, tire jumps, and the sports "bonus" round. Although winding up to pitch left handed and trying to do a jump shot with the left hand is awfully difficult when you're right handed. I was so confused!!

At the moment, my legs don't feel like they're going to hate me. There's definitely soreness, but not incredibly bad. We'll see tomorrow though!


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