Day 11: Yoga

I suck. I didn't wake up this morning until about 6. Getting up was painful!! yoga this morning. I made up my mind and said okay, I'll do it when I get home. And like a good girl - I did! Well, 40 minutes of it. I'm pretty sure in that 40 minutes I sweat out all the liquid I drank. It felt good, but NOW - hot tub. I feel like I deserve this. :) I'm going to try to make it a habit. Every night for about 10 minutes should keep the soreness down. Well, that and Tylenol PM.

The job is going. Which I guess is better than not. Everyday faces new crap that I have to learn and figure out - with Kevin's help of course. He played a pretty cruel April Fool's joke on me today. We were talking and all of a sudden he got real somber. He said "you know how I've been taking longer lunches? I've been interviewing for other jobs. I put my notice in." He held it together pretty well. Didn't break until I almost started tearing up. Not so funny to me. :( But he's still here.


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