Day 16: Plyometrics

While I didn't update yesterday, I did get my butt out of bed and work out. And it was tough. I finished up shoulders and back, got 10 minutes into ab ripper and felt like I was going to blow chunks. That ended my work out. I sat on the bed, took off my shoes, stood up to shower and felt so light headed a fly could have knocked me over. Back to bed for me - for another hour. I woke up feeling SO much better. The lack of sleep is exhausting!

So this morning, I decided to sleep in for that much needed extra hour and began my work out at 5 instead of 4. My brain loved it. My body - not so much. Plyo is not an easy feat and I wussed out after 45 minutes of it instead of the full hour. I knew better, but I have been wiped the last couple days. Feeling MUCH better today.

I have learned - after not working out Friday AND Saturday - I feel like CRAP when I skip it. Man, it's only been 3 weeks, but it's incredible how much my body is used to it - I guess. And then there's Jolie. Poor dog. She gets up at 4 AM with me and then when I sleep in, she's up anyway, crying to get out.

Saturday's workout is already scheduled to be skipped. I'm debating on moving it to Sunday, my stretch day, but I'm thinking that's not happening. It's Kenpo - which I totally want to do, but I have to get up butt-crack of dawn anyway to be in Milledgeville by 9 AM. Ugh. Dreaded drive.

Anyway, work is still as exhausting as it has been the last couple weeks and I'll be SO happy when school is out at the end of April. I can concentrate on work - oh wait, I already do that. :)


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