Lesson Learned ... (27 June)

Apparently people do not change when they are in another country. You’d think that being visitors in a so far friendly country, people would act in a more appropriate manner. Sadly, as I have learned, this is not the case. So far today I have heard no less than 20 stories of people getting drunk at bars, hanging all over complete strangers. It really amazes me that people will completely run away with the freedom that they’re given. The one talk that we have been given over and over again is how it is bad form to be drunk in public here. Oh well. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about my roommates staggering home drunk with a stranger.

Anyway, on to more exciting things! Today we went hiking across the country side and it was amazing! The first half was nice, easy, and downhill. But naturally, you have to go up after going down! The 2nd half was grueling. Seriously. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. If by the end of this trip my legs aren’t nice and built, I will not be happy. But it made for awesome pictures! It was an incredible hike, though. The country side is beautiful. It’s great to see such amazing country without the pollution of buildings everywhere. We saw so many vineyards (naturally) and olive trees. One of the directors was talking about the way olive trees are broken off and replanted. It made me think back to Jacob 5 from seminary. Sis. Willey would be proud!

After our 2-hour hike I came home, took a shower, started laundry and crashed. I was wiped. And I had to do something during my wash cycle. We only have a washer and the machines here take 2 ½ to 3 hours for a cycle. They spin, soak, spin, soak, spin, soak…for about 3 hours. Apparently they are much more economically efficient, but I just think they’re a pain in the butt. Especially when all of my whites were dyed blue. Don’t ask me how. I didn’t do it! Oh well. I just have to go with it.

My much needed nap felt so great! The Italians have invested in this time between morning and afternoon called siesta. Basically, they close shop from about noon to 1:30 and they go home. So we have decided to adopt the same philosophy. I think it’s a great idea! I feel so much more productive after a nice nap. Being lazy Americans, you’d think that we would adopt such a fantastic mentality!!

Dinner, again, was delicious. We have finally learned that it’s easier to eat when you only eat smaller portions. Being a 2-hour event, you have to eat slow. After dinner, on the way home, we ran into a girl from our group trying to get the internet at Il Sasso, the school that we are part of here. Just a little idea on the internet here. Internet is not available in apartments. It is also considered illegal to not have wireless protected. Seriously, that’s a real one. So, we have to line around the building that Il Sasso is out of to get internet. Well, it’s been down all of today (which is why my posts are showing up late). So on our way back home we see a girl trying to get on. There standing next to her is some Italian guy trying to chat her up. We’ve heard that they can come off charming, but really are just trying to get a piece of American booty. We stayed to talked to her and his charming little friend joins us. He tries to ask where in Monte we were staying to which my wonder tiny (seriously, she’s tiny) roommate Christina shouts at him “I’m not telling you where we live!” Bless her. It was funny. They eventually got the hint that we weren’t interested when I asked the girl if she wanted to walk around with us. I didn’t want to leave her there by herself to be berated by two horny Italians. No bueno.

We made our way home finally to where we are now cramming for our first quizzes tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to finally start classes. I’ve been having a great time meandering and getting used to the city, but in each little tour we take (through the city or the country) there are tid-bits of history that we are being taught and I am absolutely falling in love! Every day is a history lesson and it’s getting more and more interesting. I’ll post more tomorrow!



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