My Face is Peeling Off!!

So, I went to Follonica on Friday, a beach somewhere on the east coast and while it was fun, I did come back with a little bit of a burn. By little bit, I mean, I couldn’t sleep at all the first night. I have been in SO much pain for the last couple days. I can’t wear a bra because the burn is right where it sits. I guess I could fit in with the Italians and just not wear one! Hahaha! No. I’m glad I brought a sports bra. (That may have been TMI, but I don’t care!) At least a lot of the pain has gone away, but my face is starting to peel and it’s SO gross. I also have awesome raccoon eyes from my sunglasses. Those pictures will go up later. I still haven’t put them on my laptop. The beach was pretty awesome. It was crowded but as soon as siesta time hit there was no one around! It was pretty fantastic. The water felt incredible! It wasn’t pretty and blue, but it was so clear. The dry sand was lava hot though. I’m pretty sure I burned the first three layers of skin on my feet, but only the first layer on the rest of my exposed skin. =P

So Pisa let me down. I expected the tower to be WAY more grand than it was. It was really cool and very amazing to see how it leans and hasn’t fallen over, but I was a little upset. The basilica in Pisa was pretty but of all the churches I’ve seen, it’s not that memorable. The baptistery was pretty cool. I don’t really know what the purpose of a Catholic baptistery is, but the ceiling is a cone inside of a dome which is a pretty neat site. Google it. Inside the baptistery the acoustics are amazing! Every 30 minutes they close the doors and one man stands in the center and starts signing tones. By the time it vibrates back, it sounds like 5 people. It’s amazing. I am glad I got a video of it!

The rest of my weekend was pretty chill. After burning my body, it’s kind of painful to do anything including being in the sun. I spent Friday night hanging out and talking with a friend until 6:30 am. It was insane, but it was a very good time! Saturday was very relax. I ended doing said friend’s laundry because he doesn’t have a washer or dryer. I didn’t have any plans so I didn’t have a problem with it. I’m a nice friend. =P I went out to dinner with the roommates and some other friends and then instead of hanging out, I went home and took an Ambian. By the way, if you’ve never taken one – it makes you feel kind of drunk! But I passed out and slept all night! Today I woke up to the guys over for lunch. We hung out a bit. Nathan taught me how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. I also slept most of the day. I woke up 15 minutes before dinner! So today I’m smelly and sweaty and I’m ready for bed again. Yay!

This week is Rome on Tuesday and Florence on Thursday. We head to Verona on Thursday and come back Sunday. I can’t wait!! I’ll update later!!


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