Sitting in the Middle of the Road…Literally

It’s almost 10 here and we’re all sitting in the road waiting to get into the school. Professors have decided to bog us down with so much work on the last weekend before we leave. So we’re sitting here, patiently waiting. And one girl got pooped on by a pigeon. Silver lining? It wasn’t on her head. Hahaha!

Okay, a little drama before I go into my life here. Someone finally got kicked out of the program. Now, don’t think I’m mean because I said finally. This girl has been breaking rules since she got here. One of the program rules (KSU and the Italian school here) is that we’re not allowed to have anyone outside of the program in our apartments. This translates out to Italian boyfriends. Said girl has had her Italian boyfriend in the apartment since pretty much the beginning. She’s been warned several times and felt that the rules did not apply to her. She caused so much drama in her apartment to the point where her roommates were INCREDIBLY miserable.

We finally did something about it. A couple days ago, while she was lounging on her boyfriend in the apartment, we called the director to come up. He and Bartlett kicked the guy out and said some words to her. We really don’t know what was said. The next day after dinner (Monday), they did some investigating to find out what has been going on. She told them that she didn’t even know that he was in the apartment because she was helping a sick roommate. Complete lie. Mainly because I was with the sick one. After their investigation, they decided to send her home. Unfortunately, she spent most of that evening after the decision was made in her apartment alone. She ended up getting completely drunk and demolishing the room, puking everywhere. She also took people’s medicine acting like she took it. They ended up taking her to the hospital that night. She was on a plane Tuesday night. Good riddance.

Now, everyone is pretty happy for the most part. We spent yesterday in Rome and I’m pretty sure it was the hottest day so far. We did get to see catacombs which were awesome and the Mithra church that has two other churches built on top of that. It’s pretty freaking awesome. Pictures will be uploaded.

Today we went to Pienza and I bought about 7 pounds of PECORINO CHEESE! Nom nom nom…I’m very excited to get that home to eat with Keifer. He’ll be pretty excited! Tomorrow we’re in Florence and I’m kind of getting tired of it. We head to Verona though and I’m PSYCHED! Woot! I can’t believe this trip is coming to an end!



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