This Isn't a Vacation

There have been several incidences that have come up in the last couple days that I’m still not understanding as to why they are considered acceptable by some. Thursday someone missed the bus to Rome. This is something that has been expressed over and over again that should not be done, especially to Rome. But one person ended up ruining the Rome trip for their class because they decided to stay out and sleep over at a guy’s house – that’s not in the program. So they were left. And the consequences? Hopefully there will be some kind of grade repercussion, but she had to make her own way to Rome for her class – which meant that she wasn’t there but for about 2 hours of the trip. Kind of pissed off a lot of people.

Last night the city started their wine festival. For 10 euro you get a pretty cool etched glass and 8 drink tickets to try wine. When I say “try”, it’s not really a small glass. They’re pretty liberal around here with wine. Which meant, people were trashed…mostly our people. It’s so freaking embarrassing. We were sitting at the “good bar” (a small bar we have kind of claimed as our own) and these girls are hanging all over Italian guys (that aren’t even cute), rubbing all over them and making out. A couple of them were even rubbing all over Nicholas, the cute Belgium that I met. I was getting a little livid, not really for him, but just in general. I bailed shortly after 10 pm. I’m so fed up with the skankiness of this group of people. I hate to say it, but it’s completely ruining my awesome time, especially when the whole group gets scolded for these students’ bad choices. Ugh.

Anyway! Enough of that…so this guy.  I saw this guy wandering the city a few days ago and about stopped dead in my tracks. He looks just like a guy I dated in High School. Just a bit taller. The next day, while hanging out on the internet outside of Il Sasso, I saw him come out of the school. I was kind of shocked by this. I stayed outside for another hour and watched him walk around. I figured I had to find out who he is now! So Friday, I camped out (okay, not really camped out) at the school almost all day. At one point he came out and sat down in a chair near me. I decided to strike up a conversation. I found out that he is currently living in Belgium, he’s from Scotland, and he’s here to learn Italian (Il Sasso is an Italian language school). Then he went back to class. I didn’t see him again until later that night. He was sitting in the Piazza outside the good bar. I asked to join him and we talked for about 3 hours. His name is Nicholas. He is 22, has an older brother who is 24 and his dad works for a company that is contracted through Belgium. There was other stuff of course, but I’m not going into too much detail. He is a bit socially awkward, which I’m a little put off by. Oh and he really doesn’t understand sarcasm which made it so hard to talk to him at some points! I really have to watch what I say and what I mean. But we hung out late last night after the wine festival was over – much thanks to my girl Alex who found him wandering the streets (it’s all he really does around here). He showed me some bands on youtube that he listens too, which are strange – being Dutch and all. He also introduced me to this show that’s like Jackass, but a Dutch version, and not really quite funny. Hahaha! Most my laughing was really at him and how hysterical he found it – not laughing in a bad way.

Anyway, I have to attend a mass for one of my classes so I need to head out. I’ll talk more later!



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