Week of Events

So it’s getting hotter. Way hotter. I’m really glad Ellie and I bought the fan. Kayla took a cold shower around 2:30 am because she was so hot. This week is supposed to top out in the low 90s. I know, all of my Georgia folks are like “90s, seriously?” But when you’re walking up and down hills and you don’t have A/C, this is quiet warm. So hush. :)

Tomorrow we are heading to Assisi and Thursday is Pisa. We have been told that both are very easy days which all of us (especially those that have been on Bartlett’s death march) are so excited for. Thursday some of the studenti will be hiking up the tower in Pisa. Unfortunately, after my encounter with the Duomo in Florence, I will not be making that trip. I may have to have someone take my camera up for some pictures. I am so excited to be taking new pictures, even though some of you may be tired of seeing all the uploads. Just enjoy my trip vicariously!

Last night was pretty crazy with the World Cup Final. The wine festival continued through the city which made for some very inebriated students. Naturally. Lots of people were quite pissed off about Spagna’s win, including Nicholas, the Belgian. He was violently screaming at the goal. It was pretty frightening. Needless to say, after that, I have been avoiding him. It was pretty embarrassing. I’ve seen him a few times today and it looks like he’s grown quite attached to some other girls in the group. I’m okay with that.

Plans for Venice are coming together! Ellie and I are staying in the Hotel Maxim (no, not related to the magazine) in Verona. We get there Thursday night. Friday we’ll spend the day in Verona and will be seeing the opera Carmen in Italian that night. Saturday we’ll spend the day in Venice with some other girls. We are leaving early Sunday morning. We opted for a nicer hotel and a third night as a blow out. Plus, we didn’t want to carry all of our stuff around Venice for the entire day and get back here late on Saturday. I am so excited!!

Well, it’s about 9:30 pm here and I’m pretty wiped. This time difference is killing me with not being able to talk to people. Oh well, headed to bed.



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