30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 2

I realize that it has been less than twelve hours since my first challenge, but I am some what eager to write today.  But what about?  My mind is rattling with all sorts of ideas, unfortunately, I can not pin point just one.  So I consulted the website and found one that really got the verbal juices flowing.  There was a question about the funniest dinner you have had with your family.  I began thinking to myself..."Hmm, what is the funniest dinner I've had with the folks?"  For those of you who know anything about me, you know two things about my family.  Numero uno: My parents are some of the funniest people ever.  True story.  And numero dos: I live with my parents, so I eat dinner there often.

Dinner with my family is always a good time.  How does one enjoy the simple times with your family if there aren't any good times.  Our family dinner conversations usually range all over the topic spectrum.  I do believe last night we talked about boobs.  Yes, female breasts.  And it pretty much goes down hill from there.  There usually is a sexual joke thrown in there somewhere during the meal.  Then, depending on who is over, we end the evening with a family game of Phase 10.  If you don't know what Phase 10 is, you're lost.  It is by far one of the most eventful games that our family plays...well, that and Catch Phrase.  Another game to bring the fam together.

If it isn't already obvious, I enjoy spending time with my family, even with just my parents.  My mom has always been that person that was more of a friend in most ways, but always a mother when it counted.  She would try to embarrass me in high school, but it never worked.  I'm pretty sure I have pissed her off more by not being embarrassed.  What can I say?  I have a cool mom.  My step-dad is that one-of-a-kind type of dad.  He was the reason that Garth Brooks sings in his twangy voice, "Blood is thicker than water, oh but love is thicker than blood."  Together they make the best parents anyone could ever ask for.

And my siblings, you ask?  Well, despite an incredibly rocky pubescent period with my brother, we have gotten much closer now that I can hold my own at Halo and he has a wife to put him in his place.  My sister and I still have rocky moments, but I do love her, and one day - as I did - she will wise up and realize that her elder siblings know all.  It's true, isn't it?

So I conclude with this.  No one dinner really calls out to me.  They are all just as fun as the last.  But in a society where everyone is rushing to get from one place to the next, stopping for 5 minutes in the fast food drive-thru, it isn't just about a funny dinner with the family.  It all boils down to...
Family, isn't it about time?

DISCLAIMER: This message is not endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
It is merely written by a church member.  Don't get mad.


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