30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 9

I don't know if you heard, but the ghosts of the Civil War are trying to blow up the Social Science building at KSU.  Did anyone know about this?  Because what I found funny was that I got a Twitter update from Channel 2 news about an hour and half before I ever heard from KSU.  True story.  I even have my KSU emails forwarded to my personal email which is all forwarded to my phone.

So what exactly happened?  News reports that there was a Civil War relic on the 3rd floor that was thought to be potentially dangerous.  KSU evacuated the building and like 1,500 feet around it.  Good thinking.  Because 1,501 feet is completely safe if something did go *boom*.

What I want to know is, how long has this "relic" been stashed on campus and why didn't this come up before?  Did it all of a sudden start ticking and counting down?  I'm a little confused by the facts.

I guess it's a good thing I don't have class on during the day.  I hear class resumed at 2 pm.  Sucks for those people.

Here is my fool proof idea - We should build a giant bomb shelter under the campus.  Why not throw our money into more useful things that a Rugby field?  We sure as hell don't need more parking on the West side of campus.  Just some food for thought.

I wonder if this evacuation plan was the same as the prisoner loose on campus.
Let's evacuate campus...oh wait, just kidding...everyone on lock down.


For an insider's point of view, go here. 


  1. HAHA...I am totally blogging about that RIGHT now!!! Such a crazy day!

  2. I blogged about this as well. There were two cannon balls that we've had forever... amazing...

  3. Yeah, I heard on the news this morning that they've been there for 3 years...umm...WTF?


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