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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 11

A baby is cuddles and tickles on toes,
The sweet scent of powder, a kiss on the nose.
A baby is teddy bears, rattles, powder, and pins,
Meals at midnight, giggles, and grins.
Let me tell you how excited I am.  In just over two months, my Holly will be having her first little bundle of joy.  What does this mean for me?  In just over two months, I will be an aunt, for real!!  I say for real because I have many friends out there who have let me "adopt" their kids as my own little nieces and nephews and while I love them all very dearly, I am WAY SUPER excited to have my own little nephew.

But I'm not the only one that is elated with job in the family.  Oh no.  My mother - who has been hoarding baby clothes for ever - is completely off-her-rocker ecstatic.  She's in a buying frenzy for this little baby grandboy.  It's with good reason, right?  I mean, everybody loves babies!  Okay, maybe not everybody - but most people.  

I am totally counting down the days until my little nephew arrives here in clothed in glorious happiness!  I can't wait for the day he's crawling around and talking.  We're all in a tizzy!  And I know Holly is ready for little Micah to come out and meet the world.

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  1. You are totally going to love being an aunt, it is the best thing. OK, so in reality being a mom would be the bestest thing, but what-ev!

    Aunts Rock!


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