30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 13

 Picture to the right?  A mouse playing a saxophone.  So what does today's blog have in store?

Yesterday, whilst rummaging through a yard sale, my mother found a Selmer Alto Sax for $50.  Now, I was a bit nervous at making this investment, but after looking over it, I'm hoping I got my money's worth.  The neck will need to be recorked, I need a neck strap and a mouthpiece.  It needs a nice cleaning (smells musky) and needs to have all the pads checked. 

Needless to say, I want to get back into music.  My favorite times through high school were band trips and just sitting in concert band playing.  Now, this isn't the instrument that I truly love...the Bari Sax.  -swoon-  It is by far my favorite sax to play.  One day I'll own one.

So I need a lot of practice.  I have no idea what I'll end up doing with this, but I feel like I was given lemons.  Again.  And my Patriarchal Blessing talks about sharing my musical talent with others.  Haven't done that in awhile! 

I'm excited!!  This is going to be great!


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