30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 14

Yes, I made this picture larger to show off Marc Walberg's incredible chest.  :)

Tonight I spent the evening with the fam.  Stake and baked potatoes.  Date Night playing on the projector outside with the fire going.  It was a good time!

But then I started thinking.  Now, I <3 hanging out with my family.  I was seriously blessed with a family that I enjoy being around.  Remember...I still live with the folks AND crash their date nights!  (But they let me!)  So I started thinking, mostly thanks to a conversation the Boss Man and I had last night, as long as I'm sticking around Kennesaw, I'm never going to get out and meet people.  

I don't mean meat people - as in scouring for the hook up.  (Yes, I do realize that it isn't spelled that way.  It's a joke.  Ha.  Ha.)  I simply mean to get out be amongst the crowd.  Meet people to network, hang out, whatever.  If I end up meating someone (again with the joke), then perfect, but that's not the main intention.

Last night I went down to Noche in Vinings with the Boss Man and some other people.  While they were all considerably older than me, it was still really good to get out.  It was fun to be around intelligent people that held good conversation for once.  Instead of the drones that I hear on campus talking about parties and hooking up.  I'm a little above that.  

Katherine and I were planning on hanging out tonight.  Getting out of good 'ole Kennesaw and spending a night on the town.  We had loose plans since her family is in town.  So when the plans fell through, I was totally okay with it.  I always have my family as a back up.  =P  

I do want to start getting out more.  Really just to meet people, not meat.


  1. Sorry to have missed out on Noche and the great movie (I love Date Night!)

    We WILL go out and MEAT the good guys, I'm sure of it!


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