30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 15

The holy spirit descends like a dove, right?  So maybe that would explain the pecking feeling I had in my chest this morning.  

Sacrament meeting this morning was great, but I had this unnerving feeling at the end like I should have gone up.  The entire hour I sat there with this weight in the pit of my stomach and tightness in my chest.  I knew what it meant, but my feet were stones.  I couldn't move from my seat.

So What did I have to say?

Meetinghouses.  I have a testimony of meetinghouses.  For the five weeks I was in Italy, I did not attend a church service - other than the one Catholic service for a class.  It was not enough to make me feel better.  At first I thought I would make it through the five weeks fine.  After week Sunday #2 of missing church, I was beginning to feel down.  I felt like I was different than when I got there and that I was slipping.  I missed church.  I missed the talks and the kids.  I missed the lessons.  I realized when I got home, I should have brought my Gospel Doctrine book to at least follow along.

But when I got home, I also realized something else.  I completely take advantage of how close I live to a church.  And even more so, I did when I lived in Utah and church was across the street!  I also completely take advantage of having a car.

The nearest church from Montepulciano was about 50 miles away in Siena.  With no car, this made it difficult.  A cab would have cost about $100 easy.  Probably more.  The buses don't run the same schedules on Sundays so who knows how long I'd have to wait for one.  Not to mention, the bus ride to Siena was almost two hours.

I completely and utterly regret not going.  I feel like I should - and could - have made the sacrifice one Sunday while  I was there to go.  But I gotta' tell ya, being at church that first Sunday home was like revisiting an old friend.  I felt so welcomed and comfortable.

Like my seat was kept warm.

I really look up to those members who travel so far for a service.
They will truly be blessed. 


  1. Ah, what a great testimony. You should have gone, we can go to church when we go!


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