30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 16

Growing up, we always had a camera in front of us.  My parents video taped everything.  Today, my brother decided to pull out these ancient (over 20 years old) video tapes to burn them to DVDs.  So what did we spend our day doing?

I can not believe how much of a ham I was.  Okay, take that back.  I can.  Talk about not being camera shy.  It was so amazing to go back to yesteryear to see me and my siblings as little people.  And hello, I was so thin!  It was amazing. 

Videos of me singing Christmas songs, dancing around the living room (I apparently loved to fling myself on the couch), playing in the sand, sledding...the memories are endless.  It brought me back to a time where everything seemed perfect - at least in my understanding of the world. 

Then we saw one of us after my mom and dad were divorced and my step-mother moved in with us.  I don't remember those memories much.  It's so crazy what life gives hands you to make do with. 

But at least the memories will always be there.

I challenge you to look back on old photos or videos.  Go back to the simpler, child-like times.
It's a great trip!


  1. I am so not surprised you were a ham...it explains SO much ;)


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