30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 24

So here is a rant of epic proportions.  It doesn't have to do with politics or the media.  It has to do with taking responsibility - or better yet, owning up to your actions.

Take this scenario: A disgruntled employee posts many status updates on their Facebook about their less than ideal working conditions.  But not only that, but they flat out shoot down their boss, their company, and their co-workers.  Now, this said disgruntled employee (we will name her DE) works for a company that handles our company signage.  I know her boss pretty well and Kevin was good friends with him.  The boss became aware of these status updates and after discussing it with his fellow partner (I assume anyway), she was let go.  If you think about it, it's never really ethical to complain about the people you work with or company you work for.  As Kevin has said to me many times, "Watch what you post on Facebook.  It could bite you in the ass."  Truer words could not be spoken.

Yesterday, DE was let go and it was brought to her attention that they were aware of these updates.  Because I am the one link (that she thinks of) between her profile and her company, she assumed I was to blame and launched an attack against me, not calling me by name, but posting things like "I know who the big mouth is." and "Be careful who you trust."  Of course, I can only assume that she is referring to me.  But then she posted an update in retaliation ("See, there's this  thing called 'karma.'  What goes around comes around.") to what I posted this morning ("See, there's this thing called 'responsibility.'  Take it.")  Now, by her guilty conscience, she assumed that this post was about her.  But there is truth to it.

After DE deleted me from her page, I later realized "Hmm, I can still see her wall."  Come to find out, her profile is public and her bosses have been seeing everything she's been posting.  Go figure. 

The lesson learned:  1) Make your profile private.  2) See, there's this thing called "karma."  What goes around, comes around.

I think it refers to dissing your company and then getting fired.  

I could be wrong of course.


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