So here is my plan for the upcoming months. 

1) I'm working on paying off my credit card debt.  Fortunately, I found out some pretty great news.  My car accident in May didn't hurt my insurance (I love you, accident forgiveness) and since I turned 25 in July, my insurance actually went down.  I will have an extra $40 to put towards my credit cards each month.

2) My car will be completely paid off by June 2011!!

3) I am currently trying to get in touch with BYU to access my Route Y account.  Deadline for Fall 2011 applications is in February but I'm getting on that bus quick.

4) Step 3 really depends on step 2.  If I get in (fingers crossed), I'll hold off until probably April to look for a job.  I would like to get out there no later than summer of next year and be settled by the time fall semester rolls around.  If I don't get in, well, we'll see.  There is Utah Valley or even Utah State. 

I have prayed about this and I feel pretty good. I think my time here has passed and another adventure awaiting.  The crazy thing is, while concrete plans have not been made yet, I'm not really freaking out about it.  Right now, it just feels like the right thing to do.


  1. wow...such great things are happening and I have to read about it on your blog ;)

    I hope you get would be a great thing for you.


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