Welcome to Autumn

can i just start off by saying how much i love the fall?  the leaves changing all sorts of reds, oranges, and golds.  the cool morning breeze.  the crisp night air.  halloween.  football games (okay, those start in august, whatever).  apple cider and camp fires.  pumpkins and hay rides.  corn mazes! 

sorry, i may need a moment to myself...

how can one not "fall" in love with this season?  it's incredible. 

autumn in georgia can be so beautiful, but at the current moment, it's hard to get excited about all of these things when we're still dying in 90 degree heat.  what is that?  a few weeks ago the weather was amazing.  we watched a movie on our make-shift "big screen" on the back porch and it was actually cold by nine at night.  i had to put on a sweater and pants and still needed to cover up.  where has this weather gone?  when will it be back?

i want to do more this season.  more outdoors.  i want to go to a corn maze.  i want to take a drive through the mountains and take pictures, lots of pictures of the leaves changing.  i want to go camping and sit around a fire pit.  i want to go on a hay ride.  i wish i were living up north where they have real seasons.  i bet fall up there is absolutely incredible.
maybe i'll rake the leaves and jump in them.  

i miss doing that. 

primary song about autumn.


  1. Girl let's hit up that corn maze and get some apple cider!


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