Swimming Day #2 and Other Things

First off, I'd like to thank my dear Abster for her recommendation.  My legs don't really thank you.  Ü

This morning I finished off my swim with 13 laps - 2 more than yesterday.  I managed to knock out 6 in the first 10 minutes.  I'm trying to keep the momentum up.  I decided to change it up a bit.  I alternated a freestyle and the backwards squid thing for three laps each.  Then I alternated froggy style and kicking with a board for three laps each.  I ended with one more froggy style.  I can definitely feel it today!

I utilized the Otter Box this morning after charging my iPod.  It was rockin'.  It was nice to have something to listen to while zoning out.  Bought a swim cap last night so the chlorine doesn't absolutely wreck my hair.  I look like a complete goob in it, but no worries - I'm not the only one. All in all - a good swim this morning.

Let's back track now.  FHE last night was pretty good.  Michael and I were confronted by a few people regarding our relationship status.  I told him we would be the talk of the branch by Monday.  I was right.  Ü  After the lesson we had a bonfire behind the stake center which turned out to be more fun to people watch.  Elder Olive made the fire - with a little help from OFF (yes, the bug spray).  I had a blast from the past when two brothers that used to be in my ward showed up.  Totally makes me feel old!  But it was a great time.

This week should be pretty good.  Nothing big planned yet, but I'm hoping to get something going Saturday.  I want to carve pumpkins!!  Totally want to do THIS one!


  1. YES! Sounds great! Wish I was swimming with you!


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