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So I gave up on Best of 2010...mainly because I'm just not that interested anymore.  Another challenge - scrapped.  Oh well.

Christmas this year was probably one of the best Christmases ever.  First off, I spent it with family.  Josh and Brent came down for a couple days last week and we ended their venture on Friday with unveiling our Secret Santas.  Josh had me and gave me an awesome, SUPER cozy Georgia blanket.  I'm sure it PAINED him to buy it (being a NC Tarheel) fan, but nevertheless, it's awesome and I love it.  I had Frankie and made her a cute set of decor frames.  I have pictures of everything that I will post later.  Frankie made Holly jewelry.  Holly got Brent a Toy Store 3 PSP game.  Brent got Juan two boxes of shotgun shells.  Juan got Josh new work gloves.  All in all, despite only two gifts being made (last year the rule was to make the gift), I think everyone was happy with their gifts.

Later on Christmas Eve I went to Michael's where I got some more amazing things.  A new Vera Bradley bag with matching ID case, a beautiful flower necklace, and the President Monson Biography "To the Rescue" (I'll talk more about that.)  I got a candle, a cute dragonfly earring and necklace set, fuzzy blue blanket, and fuzzy socks from Michael's mom.  When we got back to my house, I managed to talk the parents into letting us open a few more things.  Ü  My big gift this year: A Cricuit Cake Mini!  I am soooo excited!!  I got cardigans (because I always steal mom's), a remote control boat, candy molds, photo books of Micah and one of my grandma, a charm bracelet, more fuzzy socks, and boots.  It was a pretty great year!!  Although, presents aside, it was still a great Christmas.

We got SNOW.  It hasn't snowed on Christmas Day in about 120 years.  We got about 6 inches in our yard.  It was incredible.  A White Christmas!!  Michael stayed over in our new spare room to avoid the icy roads.  We had a snowball fight and built a snowman.  It was so much fun.  I felt like a kid!  We spent all day Sunday (since we were iced in) snuggled up watching "How I Met Your Mother."  I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend the day.  <3

So I started reading "To the Rescue."  I have been wanting this book since it came out, but being as massive as it is, I couldn't find it for less than $30.  I'm kind of broke, so I was waiting and waiting for the price to drop.  Weeks before Christmas, This Is The Place has a day long deal on the book.  It wasn't much cheaper, but it was cheaper.  I sent the link to Michael and told him this is what I wanted.  He considers the necklace the "awesome" gift.  Don't get me wrong, I completely love my necklace, but the more I get into this book, I'm finding it's the awesome gift.

I'm only into the second chapter of the book, but of what I have read, starting with his early immigrant ancestors, he had such an amazingly strong family support system.  He grew up on a block that housed almost his entire family from his mother's side.  Her father had become quite a successful sheep herder and bought a bunch of property for his kids and for rentals.  He provided each daughter with a rental property for extra income.  In reading about his ancestors, I was amazed to learn that his grandfather - after just three days of marriage - went on a mission to Sweden (if I remember correctly) where he ended up teaching President Monson's wife's father.  I thought that was so incredible!

I loved President Hinkley.  He was such an amazing man and always had the cheeriest disposition.  But since I can remember, I have always loved President Monson.  I love to hear him speak and I would love to meet him one day.  Reading about his childhood and life before he came along might be the closest I get to meeting him, but I'm okay with that.  He is a remarkable man and I can't wait to learn more!


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