Back to school, back to school...

Almost half way done with the first (full) week of class and I have to tell you, I'm over this staying up past 10 thing. Tuesday was rough!  Tuesday consisted of work from 6:45-4:30, then school from 6:30-9:15.  When I got home I stayed up as late as possible reading until my eyes were finally crossed around10:25.  Staying up past 10 for me is extremely difficult since I'm such an amazing sleeper.  Now,  I know I chose this schedule.  I'm not complaining because I had no choice.  It was my choice.  I just need to find a safe, natural way of staying up until 11 or so to get studying/reading/whatever done.  I'm really trying to start this semester right by staying on top of my studies and actually studying.  I took my first quiz for my Human Sexuality class and got a 90%.  Now, it was open note/book, but there were some questions with tricky wording.  I got 29 out of 32 correct.  I hope I can maintain that.  Especially since I can exempt my Calculus final if I have a 92 going into it.  That would be amazing!

Tuesday was the first day Michael and I didn't see each other and shockingly, we survived.  =P  It's really not that difficult when we're texting all the time!  But on the days I can see him, I'm trying to make room for both him and school.  We hung out last night and he left around 9:15.  I read and took my quiz after that and was in bed by 10:30.  You might be thinking, "10:30?  Really?  That's not that late!"  But if you know me, you know that I can sleep at the drop of a hat.  I do not cannot fight sleep.  So 10:30 is pretty late for me.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about school and my classes.  I think I lucked out with great teachers this semester and I'm really hoping I keep this momentum going in being studious!  Of course, being able to do things at work isn't too bad.  Ü


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