Fear not my friends...

...I am still here!

Man alive, it's been almost a month since I've posted.  Rest assured (if anyone was worrying) - I am doing pretty well in most aspects.  Let's run down some fun things that have happened.

I have always loved Hobby Lobby.  Even more so when I found these adorable votive candle holders!  They match perfectly with my fake daisies from Ikea.

Speaking of Ikea, I have finally done away with the Rubbermaid drawers that have served as my "dresser" since moving back in with the parents in May 2008.  Seriously, how was I living that long with them?  I took a much needed trip to Ikea with Michael and spent way too much money.  I also wanted to find something much more pleasing to the eye to hide all my candy-making supplies.  I found these:
I still have to get some cabinet doors and drawers to cover some of the obvious eye sores (candy in the 2nd bottom right cubby).  I really didn't want to cover the mirrors on the wall, but I didn't have much of an option.
I seriously love my dressers.  The top of the tall one opens up to a jewelry "box" with a mirror.  I can also hide all of my hair stuff in the drawers.
Having Micah around has been so much fun!  I find myself going home for lunch more often so I can hang out with the little bugger.  I called in from work one Friday a few weeks ago to watch him.  I can't get enough of that little monkey.

My candy business has been steady.  It's not blown-up, which is actually a good thing.  I've had a couple orders a week.  I'd like to see more orders and I'm doing what I can to spread the word.  I've signed up with a marketing kind of company called Out of the Box Samplers that helps business that provide hand-made goods.  They contribute anywhere between 25-125 samples for the month they sign up.  The samples go into making 125 boxes that are then sold.  Each sample will have contact information.  Check it out.  I signed up for February which went pretty well and am getting ready to send off March samples.  Don't forget to check out my Facebook candy page or Etsy shop!  (Shameless advertising plug.)

I had an order the last week or so for a customized container.  I ABSOLUTELY loved both of these!
I call this "Ethan's Bucket Full of Dinosaurs" for my friend's little boy Ethan.  He's also a UGA fan, so I tried to incorporate UGA colors as much as I could.  I believe it only took him 3 days to eat it!
This one was for a little girl on her birthday.  It's a "topical" theme.  The little fish are stinking adorable!  As always, the monkeys are a HUGE hit!
FYI - My boyfriend is pretty amazing.  Not only did he get me one vase of flowers for Valentine's Day, but he also got my a pot of orchids...which are my absolute favorite flower!  (Means he was listening!)  AND I got not one, but TWO necklaces.  I'm telling you, the boy has set himself up to spoil me rotten!  I'm not really a high maintenance girl, but he's making me be.  <3  I seriously couldn't be luckier.

Thing are the work front are...existing.  That's probably the best word I can use.  It's difficult adapting to my new boss.  He's been here since November, but I think I might always consider him "new."  He's not Kevin - that's for darn sure.

School has been pretty good.  I've done pretty well in all my classes so far.  Bs on all my first tests.  I'm pretty proud of myself for that one.  I just hope I can keep it up.

I'll try to update more frequently.  I know how all of you are just dying to hear about my exciting life.  Ü


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