I'm pretty sure my body hates me

After Day 1 of working out, I felt okay.  I felt sore throughout the day, but nothing too hindering.  I was pretty tired and ended up falling asleep around 9:30ish.  About 11:30, I woke up and I thought I was dreaming.  I had the most wicked pain in my triceps.  Let me define wicked.  Wicked: -adjective.  To hurt like the freaking dickens.  Okay, that might not be the literal definition, but that was the closest one I could come up with without using profanities. 

So I wake up, in this hysterical panic because every which way I move my arms, it's like someone is taking a sledge hammer to them.  I couldn't pull the covers over, I couldn't scratch my face, even taking off my sweater almost brought me to tears.  I woke about probably another 5 or 6 times throughout the night with the same problem.  Sledge hammer. 

With that being said, I did not work out this morning.  I had Zumba set aside and ready to go, but after getting a little more than 2 hours of sleep, that was not happening.  Plus getting ready this morning was an incredible challenge.  I'm pretty positive the back of my head looks like a bird's nest because I couldn't reach without being in pain.  Ugh.

Working out blows.  People who do this everyday with smiles on their faces are crazy!  It even hurts to put my phone to my ear.  I'm thinking muscle relaxers and my bed are a good combination right now.


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