Rain, rain, go away...

I love rainy days.  I really do.  There's nothing better than staying home and cuddling up in a sweater on a rainy day.  I especially love rainy days because I catch up shows that are on my DVR.  Saturday was the start of spring break from class.  Unfortunately I replaced getting up for class to getting up for an eye appointment.  It was wet and rainy and I just wanted it to go away, until I got home...and laid around watching TV cuddled in a blanket with my little monster curled up on top of me.  The only thing that would have made the day more perfect?  Michael being with me.  Yes, I got sappy.  Ü

Today it's raining.  I woke up to rain, drove to work in it, and then listened to it in the still of the hour before the rest of the crew got here.  Let me tell you, it was extremely difficult to hear rain hitting the roof and not wanting to fall asleep.  So for today - since I must be up and working - I want the rain to go away.  It can come again, just not when I have to be out and about.  It can come again when I have the freedom to play in the puddles. 

I totally need rain boots!


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