An Update

I've been a pretty big slacker when it comes to updating.  I distinctly remember saying that I would try harder.  My grandma wrote something every day, be it one sentence or an entire page.  And I remember saying to myself I will do it.  Well, clearly I haven't done it.  Ugh.  I will try harder!!

So I'm pretty eagerly awaiting our trip to Salt Lake.  I can't begin to express how excited I am.  Micheal and I fly out Saturday morning.  We're going to see the Sunday afternoon session of Conference.  Monday morning we're doing a baptism session in the Salt Lake Temple!  I'm thrilled.  Only five more days of work and then a mini-vacation!  I say "mini" because I'll be back at work on Thursday.  :(  I wish I could take the whole week off, but I don't have the paid time off until July.  Oh well.  Next time!

This morning I started working out.  My arms literally feel like spaghetti arms!  I think I'm going to switch up doing P90x and Zumba alternating days.  I feel like that might make working out a little less blegh.  Michael also started working out this morning by playing racquetball with his dad.  I said we both need to look good for this upcoming wedding of ours...whenever that is! Ü

The Birmingham Temple trip on the 19th was fun!  I'm glad Michael and Kim came to school to pick me up so I didn't have to drive all the way out to Dallas and miss even more class than I needed to!  Plus it was nice not having to rely on following other people.

So, Salt Lake in a few days.  Atlanta Temple Open House in a couple weeks.  Easter.  Mother's Day.  Wedding in Salt Lake in May.  And then summer semester.  Two online classes!  I hope I can get through it all.  Sooo much to do!


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