It may be a cliche but...

Day 2 in SLC. Mormon capital of the world. It was probably one of the best days of my life - not including the day I met Michael. :)

The time zone has been kicking my butt. I was up at 5 am because in my mind, it was 7 am. Eventually I woke up Michael to tell him about the snow! It was 70 degrees Saturday when we got in. And then there was snow. It's a good thing we prepared!

We finally got up around 9:30ish and started getting ready. Raylynn met us at the hotel for the 2:00 session. The last General Conference session until October. We trekked our way to the conference center and found our seats. We were in the balcony so not too bad.

Conference was amazing. There were so many good talks. I took some notes that I'll post later. I especially loved Elder Holland's talk. Mostly the line "This Church is not a fast food restaurant. You can't always have it your way." Brilliant!!

After the session was over, we flooded the streets with the other umpteen thousand members to make our way back to the hotel. We quickly changed and then went out to probably the ghetto of Salt Lake to eat at this hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Red Iguana. It was by far the best Mexican food ever! Even though I'm paying for it now!!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and then walked Raylynn to the trax station to head home. Michael and I decided to keep walking. It wasn't snowing anymore but boy was it cold!! We walked through downtown a few blocks and ended up finding our way to Temple Square. The pictures I got of the temple were amazing! I started to walk closer to it around the large fountain/reflecting pool. I looked back for Michael and he was still at the other end. He was motioning me to come back, which I really didn't want to.

But boy am I glad I did. Just as I got over there, the sun was setting behind the temple. It was absolutely beautiful. And just as I was taking a picture did he get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. :)

I said "no" at first. But only jokingly. :-p We were having our own little excitement party with the sun setting behind the temple. While I do wish there was someone to take pictures (more on that in a sec), I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father collided our paths with an adorable couple who asked to take our picture. They had no clue what had just happened. The girl finally goes "Did you guys just get engaged? Oh man, did we ruin the moment?!" I said no. They got a few really good shots that will be posted when we get home.

So apparently my family is a bunch of conspirators. Including Raylynn! Michael asked my parents on March 17th. He had planned to ask me this weekend and managed to get Raylynn involved. She took today off after she told me she couldn't. He was supposed to ask me today with her there to take pictures. I guess he just couldn't wait to ask me. :) Engagement on Temple Square may be so cliche for Mormons, but I couldn't have planned it better! What a memorable way to celebrate the last 6 months. <3

We were up until about midnight. I have been giddy with excitement since! We started talking about dates and then it hit me. There's so much to do!! I'll update when we know the date and will definitely update with the crazy details.

Can you believe it?


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  1. thats soooo sweet! go Michael!!

    lolo congrats girl!

  2. nubia i am so so happy for you! thanks for posting your story.


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