Wedding plans!!

Okay, so I failed at updating everyday while we were in SLC, but for a quick rundown: Monday we went down to Provo with Raylynn to visit my old haunt - BYU.  It was pretty nostalgic.  It even smells the same.  Ü  For dinner we met up with my friend Justin at this amazing place called Mo' Betta'.  It's a Hawaiian place.  YUMMY!  After dinner we took a fantastic drive (suggested by Justin) up towards Big Cottonwood Canyon.  The snow was amazing!  I wish we were dressed for it because the farther up we got in, the higher the banks were.  And I got tons of amazing shots!! 

Shot of the mountains from the Quad at BYU.  I miss those mountains!
 Tuesday we did baptisms at the temple and then spent most of the day wandering around Temple Square doing all the touristy things possible.  DELICIOUS meal at the Lion House, tour of the Beehive House, hanging out in the Tabernacle.  Lots and lots and lots of pictures.  The ones below I actually took on Sunday before "the big moment," but they're on Temple Square so it counts!!

I couldn't resist this.  
 I absolutely adore this statue of Emma and Joseph Smith.  It is by far my favorite!!

Especially for this...

Time and all eternity.  <3

And the moment you've all been waiting courtesy of the amazing couple that was walking by.  I can't be thankful enough for them crossing out path.

3 April 2011
I imagine one day my family will look like this.  Second favorite statue on Temple Square. wedding plans!  We set the date!!  July 30th 2011 Michael and I will be sealed in the Atlanta Georgia Temple.  I can't put into words what this means to me.  On the 29th I will be sealed to my parents.  That weekend I will be on cloud 9!!  Nothing will be able to break my happiness!  Ü

I started a webpage for our wedding stuff found here. Check it out!  We registered at Target, Kohl's, and Belk on Wednesday.  We booked the reception place the day after we got back.  Colors are picked out.  Announcements almost finalized.  Wedding party almost down.  Man, we're going to have this ready before June!  Who said you can't plan a wedding in three months?  Oh yeah, anyone that hasn't seen a Mormon wedding!  =P


  1. So excited for you Nubia!!!!! What a wonderful experience that will be! So happy! :)

  2. Thanks Amy! Wish you could be here for it!!


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