CrAzY May!

Yes, I realize it's been almost a month since my last update, so here we are...UPDATES!


  • Wedding plans are slowly progressing.  We got little Brent's suit and the flower girls' dressing came in.  They look kind of long, but they are SO adorable!  
  • I have 125 invites tied and I'm hoping that's enough!  I have 75 left, but I also ordered extra just in case.  Envelopes have been addressed (HAND addressed) and stamped.
  • The photographer that we had originally booked fell through.  Long story short, she is too inexperienced and was very unprofessional.  She cancelled our engagement shoot twice.  The first without explanation and the second because she decided to book a wedding over us without consulting us first.  After going back and forth a few times, she finally agreed to pay us the $250 over what we paid on the deposit instead of keeping all of it.  Michael talked to his parents and they will be doing the engagement pictures and they have someone helping with the wedding.  At this point, I feel like it's the best decision.  1) because I'm really tired of dealing with it and 2) because we know they won't bail!  
  • My amazing printer ran some "thank you" cards that match my invites and I am SO excited for them!! 
  • I got my order of 400 stamps in (yes, that's 400) on Friday.  I somehow managed to double my order and didn't notice until I hit submit.  At least they are the "forever" stamps!  We'll manage to use most of them between the invites, thank you cards, and shower invites.  Yeah, I'll definitely remember to double check my orders from now on!!
  • We went suit shopping for Michael and I am so excited!  We found a rather dashing one that will hopefully end up much cheaper (thanks to my mom's bargain shopping) and the guys will look very handsome in!
  • My mom got the patterns for my bridesmaids' skirts and shirts.  Oh exciting!!
  • 66 Days and Counting...

The final paperwork has been submitted on the house.  We have the inspection scheduled for Thursday.  I paid the appraisal and credit check fee (which we will get a credit back for) and that should push through the final approval, hopefully.  I called All-State yesterday to get a quote for home owner's insurance.  Everything is coming together and I'm praying that this all works out.  At this point, we don't have much time to house hunt and do the process all over again if this doesn't go through.  We really don't see why it wouldn't go through, but I'm trying really hard not to get too excited about it until we officially close and the keys are in our hands.

Those are really the only updates I have for now.  I'm heading out the Utah tomorrow for Clarissa and Michael's wedding which I'm so excited for!  Then I get to spend a couple days with my awesome cousin, Raylynn!  YAY!  It's going to be a BUSY weekend.  I'm going to be exhausted when I get back!!  I look forward to June which has only two things far!!


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