Getting Things in Order

I leave Friday evening to head up to North Caroline to meet Josh and Brent.  From there, we'll leave early Saturday morning to Maryland for the funeral.  It feels like the last couple months have been a complete whirlwind and I can't seem to keep my head above water. 

For starters, I'm not sure how much more we have to do with the house.  All of my paperwork is complete for the loan.  Right now we're waiting on the final list of repairs that are needed for the FHA loan to go through.  Unfortunately, we can't get our own contractor.  We have to use someone provided by the seller.  Kind of BS if you ask me.  We've been waiting for this list for a week now.  It seems like we keep hitting walls left and right and people keep dragging their feet to get anything done.  I feel like we might lose the $2,400 toward closing that the seller is bringing if we close before the 30th.  That's in 22 days.  Doesn't give me a reassuring feeling when I think of everything that needs to be done.  Amy has been an amazing help in all of this and I'm SO grateful to have her on our side.  I just wish we could punch these people in the face and get them to work.

I should hopefully have engagement pictures today.  With the past ordeal, I'm kind of on pins and needles.  I saw the pre-edited pictures the other day and I'm excited for them, but I would really like to get them printed and the envelopes stuffed and out the door when I leave on Friday.  Wedding etiquette states to send out the invites no less than six weeks before the wedding.  According to my countdown, Saturday will be seven weeks.  Since we didn't send out save the dates, I'd like to give people the extra week.  That's right, I'm thoughtful.  Ü  There's an underlying selfish reason, but that will not be stated here.  Just know that I'm also doing it for the benefit of all of us.

So with the funeral being in Maryland, I'll be off work all next week.  Trust me, that's heartbreaking for me.  Well...not really.  Even after my 5-day weekend over Memorial Day, I'm still in need of some time away.  And time away with family in Maryland and D.C. could not be a better choice for R&R.  I'm excited to be going up there.  Unfortunately, my parents will be missing the couples' shower next Friday that my future mother-in-law is throwing.  She offered to move it, but it's going to be crazy weekend after crazy weekend until the wedding.  I honestly can't wait until July 31st when we'll be heading down to St. Augustine and we can breathe.  It will be fantastic!

Regarding the ALZ walk, we are now up to $120 in donations for our team!  By team of course I mean mom and I.  No one else has joined yet, but that's okay.  There's still time.  I sent out an email to all the women in Relief Society yesterday and sent out letters to vendors.  I emailed Jeff (the VP of the company) and asked if I could send out an email to everyone in the office.  I didn't want to plague people's inboxes without his approval.  I have hope that this will turn out great!  I'll keep ya'll updated.


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