It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.

One year ago today, I was setting off on one of the greatest adventures of my life.  One year ago today, I was leaving everything I knew here, air conditioning, cars, and toilet seats, for an amazing five weeks in a completely foreign land with completely foreign customs.  I will never regret the decision that I made to go.  I do however regret not budgeting a bit better while I was there!  Ü  I decided to read over my blogs from my trip (which can be found here if you're interested) and I am still a bit amazed at my literary portrayal of my journey.  As I read through the days of insane death marches and summer heat, high school drama and incredible food, I really longed to be there again.  Even for a short time.  Especially Venezia!

After all of this, after the last 11 months have finally settled, I came to a realization.  In the last month or so, especially after Grandpa Sleight's death, I had realized I have been keeping those five weeks in Italy on this pedestal.  It was a remarkable trip and it was an adventure that I will never forget.  It was the adventure that I would always look back on.  The one adventure in my life.  (Of course I had many when I was little and lived in Europe, but I don't remember those much.)  But after hearing many stories of Grandpa Sleight's life at the funeral service, I learned such an important lesson.  Everything in life is an adventure.  We can make every part of our lives an adventure.  Grandpa Sleight lived such a FULL life.  He was so loved by many.  Sure, he had many wonderful adventures abroad, but from what I've learned, he also made many unforgettable memories at home.  If I experience just half of what he did in his life, I will be a fulfilled person.

I think back to the last eleven months, since coming back.  It wasn't until recently that I realized that eight months ago, I embarked on another journey.  A journey that will last through the eternities.  Michael and I will have met eight months ago next Friday.  While some may think that's not a lot of time, it has felt like I've known him forever.  He makes me INCREDIBLY happy!  And in the eight months, we've had amazing adventures.  From carving pumpkins to New Year's Eve in Times Square to getting engaged at Temple Square and even waiting in the hospital for Micah to come into the world.  I think we've had some pretty good adventures.  And I can't wait to have so many more with him.  <3

In 36 days we'll be married.  In 36 days I will start the rest of my life with him and more.  Unfortunately at this time, it's unsure we'll have a place to live in 36 days, but I'm not that worried.  It's another adventure.  I'm trying to look at each day as it's another journey in life.  Another chance to get up, dust off my knees, and get going.  Another day to make things count.

And another day to always have room for ice cream.  Ü


  1. Toilet seats, you don't know how much you love them until you don't have them!


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