A Precious Life Returns Home

On Sunday, June 5, my grandpa, Ret. Lt. Col. Lynn G. Sleight passed away.  He leaves behind his children, Keith, Kirk, Garth, Lori, Moselle, and all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren that they bore.

I didn't know grandpa long.  He came to live with us in September of last year and I had only met him once before several years ago.  What I did know of him was that he was an incredible man.  He was a pilot in WWII, flying bomber planes and as my brother put it "giving those Germans hell."  After retiring from the military, he went on to graduate from University of Illinois with a Ph.D. in Agriculture.  From there he worked with the Department of Agriculture.  He was a sealer in the Washington, D.C. temple for some several decades, from the time it opened to the time when his memory started to fail him.  To my knowledge, his faith was unshaken and he loved his Heavenly Father.  In the end, I believe he spoke with Him, telling Him he was ready to come Home.

Grandpa Sleight was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  I don't know how long ago, but I do know that in the last 6 months of his life, it had taken a drastic toll on his life.  Only a few months ago he would tell stories of his kids growing up and of people that he met through his life.  This terrible disease had taken so much of him, including memories and basic functions that we may take advantage of.  But in the end, he has everything that he has worked in this life to gain for the next.  He is now at peace and at Home with his wife and family.  I can see him now with that goofy smile, so happy to be hand in hand with those he loves, sealed for all eternity.

You will be missed.  But I know you're in better hands now, disease free.

Ret. Lt. Col. Lynn G. Sleight.  26 August 1923 - 5  June 2011.


  1. Raylynn shared your blog link with me. That's a very nice tribute you paid to Grandpa. I'm glad you came to love him so much. I look forward to meeting you at the funeral. Love, Aunt Carilee


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