12 Days...

Twelve more days until I become Mrs. Willes, which is still a COMPLETELY foreign concept to me.  I decided that I would keep my last name at work, but would change it for everything else.  Mainly because stores would have to look up a different name and I'd have to change my neat swifty signature AND I just got a signature stamp.  I like my signature.  Ü  I will have to come up with a new one and no, I didn't not practice writing my name with his.  I'm not twelve years old.  I'm still dreading changing all the things I need to: driver's license, bank accounts, credit card accounts, insurance, retirement account...the list seriously feels like it's endless!!

Things with the house are progressing extremely well.  I have all the proper documentation in except the homeowners insurance, which I'm currently getting quotes on.  So far, All-State is pulling in the lead.  Which is good.  Both our cars are insured through them at the moment!  The mortgage company is pushing hard for us to close on the 5th.  By the way, did I mention that's the DAY we get back?  Yeah, so we'll drive up from St. Augustine probably straight to the closing attorney's office.  The home inspection came out wonderfully!  There were only a few minor issues.  It shouldn't be anything to hold up closing.  I ordered the appraisal Thursday.  We should hopefully hear by the end of the week how much the sale price goes down!!

So many exciting things happening this week!  Friday Michael and I are going through the temple for the first time to receive our endowments.  I am so super thrilled about this!!  Friday will be the BIGGEST day of our lives.  It's funny how I think back to 5 years ago.  I was dating someone else and about to move in.  What's funny is I made that decision on a whim.  There was no thought given into it.  My choice to go back to church and lay out the plan I needed to go to the temple has taken so much thought and prayer and faith.  It's truly amazing what the Lord does for us. Ü


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