Time Flies

I have been completely slacking on my posting, but MAN does time fly!  I can't believe it's been eight months since the wedding and moving into the house.  Two school semesters have come and gone.  It's been quite a whirlwind.  So let's play catch up!

The beginning of the holidays!  And boy did we have a lot going on.  At the beginning of the month I drove to Augusta to take bridals of my sweet friend, Jaimie.  It was such a blast and she was absolutely stunning!  I mean seriously, look at this girl!
After a Thursday of eating entirely too much turkey, we drove back down to Augusta the Friday after Thanksgiving for Jaimie and Matt's wedding.  Sadly, I haven't posted pictures of that yet, so none to show.  Let me just tell you...the Lowry family is crazy.  No really, they will admit it.  Momma Lowry and the crew completely transformed the Stake Center gym into an absolutely beautiful reception hall.  It was gorgeous. 

Christmas was a blur!  Finals were the first week of the month and then it was crunch time to get the house ready for festivities.  I <3 Christmas!!  I love decorating the house and getting is all warm and cozy!!  It was the first Christmas in our new home so I wasn't going to under do it...not that I really over did it though.  Ü  We had Michael's family over for Christmas Eve.  Everything was great.  Sadly, it didn't get too cold through December.  I think we only had 3 or 4 fires in the fire place.  What's the point when you can't use it? *sad panda*

We rang in the New Year very low key...in bed.  Ü  Michael's schedule had him up at 3 am on New Years Day so he had to go to bed early.  The crazy Christmas bug decided to hit me that week so I was too sick to care.  But we recorded the celebrations and watched it at a more reasonable time for us.  January meant  a new semester and most importantly...financial aid refund!  So we paid off our new bed.  I guess it's not really paid off since we know owe the government, but oh well.  The things we have to do! 

Michael's birthday and Valentine's Day happen to be on the same day.  So we spent it getting a couple's massage.  It was glorious and very much needed!  We introduced Jolie to a new member of the family.  We adopted Daisy a German Shepherd mutt with the most adorable face. 

March pretty much came and went.  I don't recall anything exciting other than spring break which didn't mean much.  Just that I didn't have class after working all day.  I was okay with that!  I did have a minor breakdown and almost dropped one of the classes that I have to take for my major.  It was brutal.  Not that I was failing, but I just felt so overwhelmed by it and that I couldn't get out.  I'm so thankful for an amazing professor that was very patient with me and talked me through everything.  I decided to stick with it and just barrel through. 
Our adorable little Micah and Holly moved up to IL  to join Juan at law school.  It was heartbreaking for him to leave and it still is.  I miss him something awful!
Michael's sister Danielle and her family decided to move back to Georgia.  It's great getting to know more of his family.  And it's awesome having more nephews and a niece to spoil! 
We also got the spare bedroom ready for our first guest, Kim!!  The house will eventually all be put in place!

And then we come to {April}.
April started with challenges and then got a little better.  It started with Daisy taking a bite out of Jolie.  So we made the very hard decision to take her back to the rescue that we got her from.  Since she was much bigger than Jo, she played much harder.  She just got too aggressive.
Michael ended up getting really sick and we had two ER visits within a week.  He missed a lot of work the first two weeks.  Come to find out a week after the last one, he has had mono.  He lost about 25 lbs in the three weeks and he has finally eating like normal again! 
The week after we took Daisy back, we introduced a new member to the family.  We picked up baby Bear (a girl) from a breeder the next town over and things have been going SO well between the two of them.  Jolie tends to get cranky in the morning when Bear is a ball of energy and wants to play, but they are pretty good together.  Especially when Jolie runs circles around Bear.  So now we're going through the potty training and all that.  She's started to scratch at the door when she wants out, but only sometimes.  Hey, it's a start.  She's finally acclimated to her cage at night.  The first couple days were rough.  I really think we made the right decision.  She's an Australian Shepherd so she will be a bit bigger than Jolie, but we think that since she is a puppy now, she'll learn it's not okay to take bites out of her sister.

So that's basically the run down since November.  I really can't believe how much time has flown by!  I'm almost done with the semester.  Only two more finals left.  Michael and I have a stay-cation planned for the week of the 14th and we are SO excited for it!!  I'll update then!


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