I'm caught up on my daily list of things to do at the office and I'm pretty bored of reading Social Psychology (only 3 pages in!) so I decided I need to write.  The problem is - I have no idea what to write about, at least nothing substantial.  So - I will be copying my friend Kyra and compiling a list of random crap.  Thanks for the idea, Kyra!
  • Classes may kill me this summer.  16 weeks worth of coursework in 4 weeks is unfathomable.  Keep me in your prayers.  I have little to no motivation to survive this.
  • There are certain people talking near my cubicle that I wish would go away.  I am not the water cooler.
  • I am not a GA Tech fan, but I have a GA Tech bee key chain sitting on my desk.  It was a gag gift from a very dear friend who is a Tech fan.  I gave her a UGA card once for her birthday.
  • Spotify needs to be free on your iPhone.  Just sayin'.
  • I'm going to school for Psychology but I have no desire to listen to people's problems.  {FYI - Psychologists and Psychiatrists are totally different.  And people don't use "shrink" any more.}  I want to go into Gerontology or Geropsych.  My ideal job would be working with LDS Family Services or for a VA Hospital.
  • The people near my desk are getting louder.  I wish I had a shovel.
  • As much as I say otherwise, I really do like my job.  I have flexible hours and I'm monitored maybe 8% of the time.  Sadly, when I am micro-managed, it's taken WAY to far and makes me want to find another job.  Those are the days that I have to remember my "perks".
  • I tried to start the week by posting one word statuses on FB to describe how I was feeling or events that had happened.  It lasted one day.  I clearly have way too much stuff to say that's more important.
  • That last bullet contained a bit of sarcasm.
  • I want to travel the word...unfortunately we don't have the money to do so.  I really don't want to be old and regret that.
Okay, I'm done with that.  My mind can only wander so far, plus I have to get through two chapters before class at 5.  I really wish these people would walk away from my desk so I can get back to that.


  1. I love it! Also, I think the Ga Tec YELLOW JACKET is a sign. That you should be a Tech fan. Because we are fabulous ;-)

    If you are willing to work for the VA, DO IT! They are in need of a few good [wo]men! And traveling the world sounds like a fantastic idea. Why must money always get in the way of the good stuff? Who ACTUALLY wants to pay their trash bill? If I didn't have to pay for that, I could afford a trip to Vietnam. Or Norway. Or Hungary. But noooo... In other words, I feel ye ;-)

  2. Funny thing about that...we don't pay for trash pick up. I take it to work! =P

    BTW...how do you have a "reply" option under comments that have already been posted? I don't have that. :(


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