A two-year old is kind of like having a blender...but without a top on it.

I'm not entirely sure whose baby this is, but dang she {I'm assuming because of the pink} is CUTE!

So, I have thought a lot about babies lately.  Let's face it, it seems like EVERYONE around us is reproducing.  Not that it's a bad thing, but it's definitely giving me a bit of baby fever.

Now, when we first got married, the #1 question that was asked (and is STILL constantly asked) is, "So...{like I don't know what's following that ellipses}, when are you going to have kids?"  There was one instance, where a good friend asked me a slightly different and less obnoxious question: What is your family plan?  Thank you, Diane, for not asking the obvious.  Ü

I know several couples that have gotten married before us that are still without kids and they seem like they are happy.  Well, one couple does have a dog, so I guess that still counts.  They can just put her in the cage when she's bad and DFCS won't haul them away.  {I must admit, I do love that about having two dogs.}  I also know several couples that got married around the same time we did or after we did that either just had kids or are currently trying.  I'm not trying to blast them AT ALL.  I know that those kids were born into a loving relationship.  I'm just saying...not our style.

So where the heck am I going with this?  Before your minds completely wonder...no, we're not with child.  Trust me, if that's what this is, the title would clearly state it and the picture would more than likely be the ultrasound...or a pee stick {b/c that's more my style, hehe}.

What is our family plan?  Okay, I'm turning 27 in less than a month.  My mom made a very interesting point the other night at dinner.  When she was 27 she had three children under the age of 7 and had just moved overseas to Germany.  Putting it in perspective, my mom's a total rock star.  But that was her life calling at 20 years old.  To start a family.  Nowadays, I don't feel that a 20-year-old knows what life is.  I DEFINITELY knew I wasn't ready for a family at 20, or at 22, or even at 24.  But I really don't want to be having kids into my late 30s.  I kind of like that I'm 27 and have a pretty hot mom.  Ü

So back to our family plan...the only rule we have had was that we want to get to our first anniversary without kids or pregnant.  I've said that after that, all bets are off.  Now, to another of my mom's point, we don't want to start trying between October and December.  No school-cut-off babies.  Here is our arguments:
  1. While some may consider it a "whirl wind" marriage, we were only together for nine months before we got married.  Coincidentally, the term of a baby.  
  2. We didn't live together before we got married, so we like the "us" time.
  3. Right now we have completely opposite schedules, which, in my opinion, is not ideal for raising a baby.
  4. I kind of want to be through my Bachelor's, but that's not a major selling point.
They are small arguments, but they are ours nonetheless.  

It's pretty crazy thinking of me having a kid.  But it was also pretty crazy thinking of my brother as a dad.  Now I can't imagine him NOT being a dad.  The bottom line is: I've got baby fever, but we don't want babies in the next 10 months.  Don't worry, you will all be hearing about that day...when it comes.


  1. We got married very young, and so most people were convinced it was because there was a bun in the oven. We ended up waiting 6 YEARS before having children, and I don't regret having that time alone with my husband AT ALL. Take your time and try when you're ready.

    As for the school cut-off thing... I completely understand. I refuse to have anything but fall/winter babies ;-)

  2. A really good friend of mine and her husband waited until he was out of law school. I think she was 29 or 30 (granted she looks SO much younger) when they had their first, but they were so much more mature and stable.


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