5 Potentially Annoying Things About Me

We all have flaws.  Let's face it.  And I am sure my family can name way more than 5 annoying things, but this is my list.  I'm limiting it to 5.  Ü And yes, I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Lisa Selow's blog found here.  However, I will warn you.  She is fabulously wittier than me.

1.  "Not even lying."  I say this a lot.  I think this goes back to when I was a kid and I was a pretty compulsive liar.  I guess now I just want to make sure people know I am serious.  Or maybe it is an emphasis on how serious.  *shrug*  Who knows?

2.  Grammar Nazi.  Something awful.  I try to monitor my craze, but let's face it.  When someone says "I can wait I just thought you wasn’t coming in," it is like nails on a dang chalkboard.  I mean really, you weren't raised under a rock, were you?  And the difference between your and you're.  PA-LEASE learn these.  Okay, I could seriously go on, but I need to stop.

3. Quick to Judge.  Yeah, so this is kind of a big one.  I am pretty quick to make snap judgments, but I am learning to control that and give people the benefit of the doubt...which is really hard considering the people that I have been around at work the last several years.  Stereotypes are there for a reason = just sayin'.

4.  Movie Talker.  Yes, I love to talk during movies.  No, I do not talk super loud so everyone can hear me.  I just like to make little remarks and comments about what is going on.  Sitting through a 1 1/2 to 2 hour movie in silence is horrible for me.

5.  Knuckle Popper.  I mentioned this in my list of things about me {found here}.  Trust me, I know it is annoying.  I get annoyed by it.  But 99% of the time, I don't even realize I am doing it.  Sorry, peeps!

I am really trying to make an effort and minimize these things, but again, I am human.  


  1. Seriously, numbers 2 and 4 are just two of the reasons we are friends. Grammar should be used often and who can sit through something without making a comment! Freaks of nature that's who.

  2. OH NO! I can handle them all but the movie talking? GLARE! :D I am a horrible eavesdropper and that just triggers me to listen to you. LOL

  3. I'm a grammar nazi too! And also occasionally comment in movies (very quietly to the person I'm sitting with). I say "seriously" and "clearly" a lot. I bet we'd get along ;)

    1. Yeah, I don't do any seriously long conversations. It's mostly just little comments like that. I bet we would too!


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