A Birthday Celebration

I'm a little late at posting for this past weekend. I find it hard to pull out my laptop when I'm at home after sitting on a computer all week. Friends know when I'm not at work because I'm hardly ever on Facebook at home. It's my time away from the Internet.

I took time off of work on Friday. Now time off means I didn't go in for two hours before going to class at 8:30. Yes, I work before my 9am class. So I took the time off to take Bear to the vet and spend a little time with Micah before leaving for a test. I had already decided to leave after my test instead of enduring the three hours of test and then class.

After the test, a much needed pedicure for my birthday. I generally hate feet. I think they're gross and weird. But there's something about a pedicure that makes the world a better place. :) I went to my mom's after my pedicure to play with Micah. What better way to spend my birthday then playing with my adorable nephew?! And he was a spit-fire. So much fun! He finally went down for a nap around 11:45 to which I promptly passed out as well. Hey, test and pedicure are exhausting!! :-P

Micah woke up about 1:15 and we played some more until my parents called to meet for a late lunch. Provino's. Mmm...free meal on your birthday. From there, we all headed back to our house for a little bit of "simmin" as Micah calls it. The water felt pretty great. It was a bit warm, but still felt nice. And what birthday would not be complete without birthday cake? Oh, delicious cookie cake. Seriously, my favorite. :-)

I didn't spend the day with friends like I had kind of hoped, but overall, I couldn't have imagined spending the day any other way then with Michael, my parents, and my adorable little nephew. Happy birthday to me.


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