Just Call Me Molly

I was trying to think of what to post today, but my brain just couldn't chow down on one particular subject until it hit me.  Every two weeks my ah-mahzing mother organizes a produce co-op with people at church.  She pools together about 12-15 people who pay $15 for a laundry basket full of delicious produce.  I'll have to take a picture of our basket tonight, because for $15 you will be amazed!  Anyway, if there's really good deals on some items, we will buy extra to can, freeze, store, whatever.  This week's extra for me includes a case of corn {I think it's like 35 lbs} for $9 and two flats of strawberries for $3 each {each flat contains 8 pint size clams}.  Not too shabby.  So while thinking about what to do, I posted on as my status on Facebook: 2 flats of strawberries and 1 case of corn.  What do you think I'm doing this weekend?

Let's back up a moment.  For those of you who don't understand the term "Molly Mormon," let me explain.  Molly Mormon is a popular stereotype for a female in our church {Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...whew}.  According to Wikipedia, a Molly Mormon is thought to be the "perfect Mormon woman" - an attractive and chaste woman whose life revolved around the family and marriage and the social demands of Mormonism, like bearing multiple children, and who embodies the cheery, chipper and domesticated female in the LDS {Latter-day Saint} culture.  Why do I have "domesticated" bolded and underlined?  Well, I don't have any kids yet, so that's out and let's face it, I'm only cheery and chipper when I'm given something {okay, not entirely true}.

This is why you {as my mother does} can call me Molly.  So since getting married and gaining a mortgage and another set of bills, I have done what I could to cut costs down.  This includes stock piling grocery items that are on sale and most recently - making my own laundry detergent and fabric softener.  Out of this homemaking endeavor last weekend came the text conversation to the right.  Yes, ha, ha.  My mom is hysterical.  Now, I'm not sure how much it ended up costing overall, but it is WAY cheaper than buying this crap in the store.  And my clothes still smell amazing.  Ü  {I think my mom said it's about $0.50 per gallon.}

So this weekend, I will be doing more "Molly" things.  Husking, cutting, and freezing LOTS of corn.  Hulling, slicing, and freezing strawberries.  Might make some jam as well.  We'll see how froggy I feel.  Just call me Molly.


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