My Kids

We don't have kids, but we have dogs.  Which we have learned are just as good as kids...maybe even better.  We can put them in their cage when they are being annoying.  They don't talk back.  But they still cuddle and love you.  Since we don't have kids, I reserve the right to blog/post/picture my dogs just as much as one does their kids.  They can get over it.  Ü  Here is why having dogs is similar to having kids.

1. Sibling rivalry exists.

This is a RARE occasion.  It lasted about 5 minutes before Bear {on the right} wanted to eat Jolie's ears.

2. They act just as goofy.
This is Bear's "picture" face.

3. Occasionally, they gang up and destroy things.
Jolie's bed.  She NEVER chewed on it before Bear came around.

4. They like to cuddle in mommy's bed.

5. They grow up WAY too fast.
Top picture is of Bear when we got her in April.  Bottom was a couple weeks ago.

6. They sit in car seats.  {Okay, threw this one in because the picture was too cute not to!}

7. They get scared.

8. They have birthdays.  {Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people.  Ü }

9. They wear clothes.  {Haha!  Yes, I did do this!!}
All set for the Avengers premier!

10. They like to play games.  {Hide 'n Seek specifically!}


  1. 11. They steal your heart every day.

  2. Adorable. Furbabies deserve to be celebrated, too!

    1. Yes they do! I mean, sure there's differences. But they are still living, breathing mammals that rely on me to feed them and keep them safe...and occasionally clothe them. =P


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