My Olympic Timeline

My friend Megan posted a really neat timeline of her life at the same time as the Olympics.  I thought this was inspiring so decided to do the same.  We all know how different your life can change in four years.  So here goes!

1988 {Seoul, South Korea}
Three years old.  Who cares what I was doing?  I was cute as a button and probably running around wreaking havoc.  Ü

1992 {Barcelona, Spain}
Seven years old.  Living in Germany.  I honestly don't remember this age at all.  I think around this point is when I started lighting things on fire.  Yeah, I was a pyro when I was a kid!

1996 {Atlanta, Georgia}
Why, yes.  I remember this.  Mainly because it was our first year in Georgia.  The company my mom worked for had suite tickets that they would sell.  But we got to see gymnastics and basketball.  I really don't remember what countries were on, but I do remember watching it.  Such a neat experience.

The other day my mom shared an experience about scalping tickets on the street.  She said how they could hardly sell women's basketball tickets {I mean, who knew?!}.  Her boss's wife, who was with her, decides to sell them to a large man, but tells him they are MEN'S.  Uh oh!  My mom said she went back the next day wearing a wig and sunglasses and the wife didn't go back.  Man, I really wish I had a picture of that!  Thankfully, she was not there when the bombing occurred at Centennial Park.  But she did say she was supposed to be.  Scary thoughts!

2000 {Sydney, Australia}
The summer between my freshman and sophomore year in high school.  And boy I remember it well.  Kennesaw Mountain High had just opened.  The marching band didn't have anywhere to practice, so for band camp, we striped a neighboring baseball field and hiked over to it every morning.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  I believe there were only 85 members in the marching band that first year.  Only four or five juniors.  No seniors.  That band has come along way.  Finished at 7th in Grand Nationals my senior year, just three years later.  Wow...the memories!

2004 {Athens, Greece}
Man, do I wish I could have been there for that!  I had just moved back to Georgia from a very unsuccessful year at BYU.  I was living in Augusta and pretty much hating it {until I found some people to hang out with}.  It was a crazy year for me.  I learned a lot of life lessons that year {not that I would ever stop learning those!}.  That October I landed a job back in Kennesaw that I was hoping would truly be temporary.  That next February I was offered a permanent position.  Almost eight years later...I'm still at MovieStop.

2008 {Beijing, China}
Oy...another "growing" year.  I had just broken up with the longest relationship that I had ever been in that spring.  We were living together and I really didn't have anything of my own.  Luckily my parents opened their arms {like they always graciously do!} and let me back in.  It was a very emotional year for me.  But on the fun side, I went to Disney World for the first time since I was a kid and Myrtle Beach for the first time ever. 

2012 {London, England}
Celebrating my first anniversary and the first year in our house!  We're trying to work off debt, but that's a long time coming!  Also starting my last year as an undergrad...hopefully!  It's hard to believe the year is 1/2 over.  Can't imagine what the rest has in store!  Disney in October and then who knows!!


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