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neurology : noun [noo-rol-uh-jee]:  the science of the nerves and the nervous system, especially of the diseases affecting them.

I have experienced heat-related migraines for several years now.  I'm thankful to say they are not entirely debilitating, but they're strong enough to be a nuisance.  I've read cases where people experience extreme vomiting and being lightheaded.  I've never experienced anything that intense, but again, it is still difficult to get through the day with one.  They start around 9-10 am when it really starts getting warm.  If I'm inside in the nice A/C, I'm usually fine.  But sitting in a hot warehouse at work...maybe I really should rethink that cubicle up front.  {I have my reasons for wanting to be back here.}  I'm also pretty sensitive to light.  If I don't have sunglasses on, it's game over for me.

Generally, 2 Excedrin Migraine do the trick.  At least enough to dissolve any pain so I can function as normal.  But I'm kind of getting tired of taking that everyday.  I'm sure my liver would like me to stop as well.  {Nice warning label about possible liver bleeding.}  So I decided to seek the help of neurologist.  My primary care physician had suggested it to me last summer, but with planning a wedding and all, I never made it. 

My appointment was today.  Luckily, I'm very on top of things and had all the paperwork needed and filled out before I walked in the door for the 10 am appointment.  It went pretty well, I guess.  I spoke to the neurologist and he wants me to have an MRI done since I haven't before just to be sure.  He said my reflexes seem fine as did my eyes when he checked those out, but to be on the safe side, MRI is ordered.  Then he gave me a sample of a medicine called Relpax.  According to their website, Relpax offers "supreme migraine relief".  He explained that Excedrin Migraine is really good at suppressing the pain, but then I'd usually feel another migraine coming on the next day or even just a few hours later.  Relpax is supposed to help treat the migraine so I don't experience them as often.  I figured I'd give it a try.

Before leaving he did warn me.  The  two most common side effects are tingling hands and pain/pressure sensation in the chest and/or throat.  He said it was completely normal and usually subsides within an hour or so.  I went on my way, scheduled an appointment for an MRI, and headed back to work.  I took the pill around 10:50 am and didn't think anything of it.

Around noon, I started getting this tight feeling in my chest, like I was about to have an anxiety attack.  Then my throat felt funny.  After about 10 minutes it finally clicked that these were the side effects he was talking about.  No tingling of the hands though.  I was really trying to not think about it honestly hoping that I didn't start this all in my head.  They felt like real side effects.  The longer it went on, the more worried I was getting.  I was at California Dreaming and all I kept thinking about was how weird this feeling was and if it would ever go away.  Finally, around 1 pm, most of the sensations had faded, but even now I'm still feeling a bit of it.  As for my headache?  About a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 {10 being worse}.  It was about a 4 when I took it.

I called the nurse at their office and asked if I could take an anti-anxiety medication with this to help with the side effects.  I explained to her the prescription I had and she said that it would be fine.  I'm really hoping this helps with the tightness.  The doc explained to me that he has some patients that choose not to take that medication, that they'd rather deal with the pain.  I have another sample left that I do want to give a try.  But hopefully we'll be able to find something that will work!

Overall, an interesting experience.  We'll see how well this stuff works.  I'm ready to be DONE with migraines for good!!


  1. Man I hate side effects! I have migraines too. I had my first one with Aura last week, I thought I was going to pass out. It's so weird. I hate it. I hope the meds work for you and the side effects stop.

    1. So do I! Today will be the test. The neurologist said that this medicine will help with recurrent headaches so let's see if today is migraine free!!


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